Image of John Hinchman Stokes Jr.

          John Hinchman Stokes Jr. was born December 27, 1909 to his parents Delia Stokes and John Hinchman Stoke Sr. Della Stokes stayed home to mother her three children: Stokes Jr., his brother Fredrick, and sister Lorene. Stokes Sr. was a physician, and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Stokes Jr. grew up at Ann Arbor Ward 6, Washtenaw, Michigan (population: 28,380) and moved to Pennsylvania later in life. He went to Swarthmore college and attained a degree in physiology, which would later determine his military career. Stokes Jr. married Bertha Pickard on September 7, 1935, they never had children. He supported the two of them as a real estate broker.

          When the war began Stokes Jr. was 29; he joined the U.S. Navy at 30, enlisting in Delaware county, Pennsylvania.

Image of Stokes's wife: Bertha P. Stokes

1940 US Federal Census: John Hinchman Stokes Jr. (The Year before the war)

US, WWII, Draft Card, John Hinchman Stokes

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